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Dean A. Manus MD, F.A.C.S.
Plastic Surgery
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Your TRUE Potential

Dr. Manus' approach to achieving the optimal result is very unique.    The average plastic surgeon will consider the procedures that they have learned and then recommend one which they feel may benefit their patient.  This over-simplified approach will most often lead to a common, if not mediocre outcome.  Average approaches yield average results.

In reality, most patients are separated from their ideal body potential by a number of anatomic elements .  Some of these factors are surgically improvable, while others may be improvable or even correctable without surgery.  In most cases, the very best result comes from a cooperative effort between surgeon and patient and may include surgical maneuvers, exercise manipulation, dietary and supplement recommendations and complex patient education. 

Unlike other physicians, Dr. Manus will routinely manage all of these issues for each patient.  He differs from all other plastic surgeons in his very unique athletic background, fitness and nutritional expertise and, of course, plastic surgical training and experience.

He has trained some of the most well known athletes and recognizable bodies in recent memory, including Olympic gold medalists, internationally competitive fitness and body building professionals and non athletes alike.  Dr. Manus himself is also a ten time All-American athlete, is a certified personal trainer by the National Association of Sports Medicine, and has lectured extensively on sports nutrition, metabolic rate manipulation, body fat metabolism and other related topics.

Because of this expansive body of surgical and fitness knowledge, Dr. Manus is unparalleled in utilizing the combination of diet, exercise and cosmetic surgery to achieve life changing results otherwise unattainable through surgery alone.  He uses this multi-discipline approach to manage the complex issues of cellulite, body fat distribution, breast character,quality and body contouring as a whole.

In addition, Dr. Manus understands the physiological issues associated with maintaining your results over time.  His goal is to help you achieve your true potential, understand the art and science behind it, and ultimately enjoy the many associated health, lifestyle, and self confidence benefits for many years beyond your surgical experience.